Worthy iPhone Apps

These are some of the iPhone apps worth to occupy few bytes among the Gigs of musics, videos and pics….

In no particular order,

1. iMIMS – Now available for free. Its available via ciap. But there are few steps to install it in your mobile.

Step 1. download the app from the apple’s app store and install it in  iPhone.

Step 2. login to Ciap from any hospital computer and register for MiMS on iphone through mobile resources. Once registered you will provided with a pass key/ code.

Step 3. Enter the code in your iphone and you are done!!!


2. Pedi Safe – great and invaluable app during those stressful moments in pediatric resusicitation. Select the weight of the kid and you have all the info you need to resuscitate the child; drugs, dosages, ETT size and more. American version, so beware of some drug units; otherwise its a life saver. Above all its for FREE.

3. Emergency Central

4. Eye Manual – Great app for those sitting in Fast Track. The eye atlas is a valuable resource for VAQ preparation. Just register in the app and its all free. ( Note – The NSW Eye Manual is still better than this. If you have a PDF reader (file app, documents to go, filesHD) you can upload the Manual and view it in iPhone.)

5. Documents To Go – Great app to synchronize your documents between iphone/ipod/ipad and your desktop (windows or mac). You have download the app from the app store and install it in iPhone. You also have to install an application at the desktop.  Once installed it will talk to each other and keep your files synchronized, You can edit your word, excel, powerpoint files either in iPhone or in your computer and just a press of a button, its synchronized and updated at all devices linked. If you want a keep a log of the procedures or cases in excel format, this is the way to go. You have to pay for this service ~$10, but money worth spending.

6. File App – Free app to move files from desktop to iPhone. You can move and open/view most of the MS office file formats but cannot edit your files in iPhone.

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