Ultrasound. Where do I start?

Focused bedside ultrasound examinations performed by trained Emergency Physicians in order to answer specific clinical questions, have been shown to improve patient outcomes. ACEM specifically supports the use of ultrasound imaging by emergency physicians for at least the following clinical indications: traumatic hemoperitoneum; abdominal aortic aneurysm; pericardial fluid; ectopic pregnancy, vascular access, therapeutic diagnostic tests and evaluation of renal and biliary tract disease. To read more about ACEM Policy, Click here.

So where are we? What are the options available to get trained and accredited?

Accreditation Body – Who has the authority to accredit you? Currently it is unresolved. ASUM offers DDU and CCPU courses which are kind of gold standard for getting accredited in ultrasound. Recently NSW health has come up with  a new accreditation process as part of the NSW health redesign programme with almost similar process involved in obtaining CCPU. Who is going to gain supremacy?  We have to wait and see.

Courses – There are million courses available to do and the number keeps increasing everyday. There is a course running almost everyday somewhere in Australia. But which is the right one for us? For a start look at the list of accredited courses for CCPU in ASUM website. It really doesn’t matter which one you do, as almost all of them has standard teaching schedule and will provide enough hands on experience. Start from a basic course and move forwards. Upon completion of the course, you have to practice at our workplace and maintain a logbook. DDU course has Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. Part 1 (MCQ) examination can be taken at anytime of your training but to sit for Part 2 examination, you should hold a Fellowship degree. More details about DDU is available in ASUM website.

We recently conducted a one day course in our hospital (thanks to Dr Stapleton, Dr Haig and Ms Hawkins) as part of NSW health redesign programme. Those who have completed the course are busy completing their logbooks. For further courses in our hospital, please keep checking our site.

Nepean ICU runs an ECHO Workshop called RACE and RACEplus, which is of invaluable asset in assessment of patients with chest pain, SOB and in CPR. More information is available in NICCER site.

To get trained in pelvic and first trimester ultrasound, Prof Condous is happy to accommodate one or two of us at AGS Clinic. Please contact Dr Stapleton if you are interested.

Its never too late to start your training in ultrasound. Just take the initial step and soon you will start to enjoy the magic of ultrasound waves. Happy Scanning.



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