Teaching on the Run

Teaching on the Run

Dr Fiona Lake and her team at the Education Centre, University of Western Australia  have produced an amazing program to help you become a better educator and clinical supervisor. The success of this program comes from its ability to be run in small groups, at your location, with the help of an experienced facilitator. Participate, facilitate and become a champion of this program in our local setting and see the improvement in how our junior doctors are supported during their training.

What does a Teaching on the Run workshop look like?

Six modules have been developed for the program:

1. Clinical (Bedside) Teaching
2. Skills
3. Feedback and Assessment
4. Supporting Trainees
5. Planning Term Learning
6. Effective Group Teaching

Each module runs for 3-4 hours, every week or when ever feasible. Participants should complete modules 1-3 before attending modules 4-6. The target audience is clinicians who have experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate doctors, but who have had little or no formal teaching instruction.

Our emergency department is pleased to support this programme and everyone is welcome to participate.

More info, contact

Dr Bill Croker

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