Recent Staffing Changes – Clarification from Dr Bishop

1. Recent Staffing Changes

Just some further discussion and clarification re the medical staffing
You may have noticed that we are now rostering a registrar to EMU/WRAC/FT. The aim of this is to give the registrars some exposure to EMU and assist the staff specialists in managing this load which is likely to increase with the 4 four target. Similarly this registrar will be the first port of call for clinical advice etc from the NPs in Fast Track. Again this gives the registrars some exposure to this case mix and allows the WRAC staff specialist to concentrate on patient flow through WRAC.
There are still some CMO shifts in Fast Track. When they are there they will obviously bethe fisrt port of call for the NPs. Also,just to clarify, the Fast Track shift times aren’t fixed to the shift times for acute care, but could be varied in conjunction with Arlene and Jayshri.
However there will be some shifts when we are short staffed on the registrar roster, and depending on workload, the FT CMO should also help out with WRAC – Jayshri may even roster this as a WRAC/FT shift.
At night, all fast track patients should be seen through WRAC – there will be no nursing staff in FT. You may ofcourse take patients into FT to use the eye room, plaster trolley etc. The oncoming night staff should start seeing patients between 2200 and 2300. Check with the evening staff specialists as to where the greatest need is. Picking up a couple of patients before the 2300 handover and getting a handle on what is waiting will help to ensure most patients are seen and have some plan before the staff specialist finish at midnight.
And yes the staff specialists are there until midnight  – the aim being that they have time after the handover to sort out issues identified at the handover, clear patients for EMU and ring VMOs as necessary, instead of having to do this at 0100 as has been the practice.
Finally we are making some more changes to WRAC including the development of an internal waiting room in Room 33 for patients to sit after their initial assessment. Tracey is developing some guidelines and we will undertake some further education etc prior to implementation in February.


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