Effective teacher in ED

[box]Bandiera (2005)

What do we have to do to be more effective teachers in the chaotic world of the ED?  A well conducted qualitative study from Canada.

The points that caught my eye were:

  1. The most commonly identified strategy was “Tailor teaching to the learner”; find out (very briefly) what they want to achieve this shift, this week, this term … whatever!! Know your trainees.
  2. Next was “Optimize teacher-learner interaction”; encourage the trainees to work through the problem for themselves and use “teaching scripts” (I liken these to the “Five Minute Talks” in Teaching on the Run).
  3. “Actively involve the learner”; challenge them to make a commitment, get them to make the decisions.
  4. “Agree on expectations”; tell seniors they’ll be expected to give a complete diagnostic and management plan so they know your expectations “otherwise they are all over the shop.”
  5. And then a whole run of the usuals; actively seek opportunities to teach, demonstrate a good attitude, be a role model, use additional teaching resources and improve the learning environment.
  6. Imporantly “provide and encourage feedback”. Timely, constructive, objective, impersonal, given in private, based on first hadn experience and a balance of positive and negative. Solicit feedback on your own performance – otherwise you won’t improve as a teacher!!  See the appendix for “Out-takes”; quotable tips and points!
Bill Croker
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