1,2,3… It worked for me!!! May be for you too.

Wondering how to read and remember the basic sciences for the primary examination??? I had  the same thoughts; but  I worked it out.  When I prepared for my primary examination, I used a simple 3 steps rule; its a structured, focused method to cover the topics. So … my suggestion is …

  • 1. Read the chapter in the text book – with or without additional note making or writing in the book.
  • 2. Then go through the MCQs that pertain to that chapter. Demweb website is best as it has all the question organised by topic.Going through the MCQs and understanding the reason each is right or wrong directs you to all the details that the ACEM wants you to know.
  • 3. Next reading through the past vivas from the ACEM website completes each topic.


The Life in the Fast Lane website has images of the anatomical models used in the vivas.
Also for anatomy, it is easier with some physical bones to use but these are hard to come by.

This is how I found it best to study. It worked for me; maybe it’ll work for you too.

Good Luck.

Cindy Hastings

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